Successfully developed a new generation of commercial vehicl



With the continuous improvement of automobile engine speed and power, the car is becoming more and more big, the heat load of the cooling system is becoming more and more demanding. Shan steam controlling genesis HuaHeng after more than two years of efforts, the company has independently developed a patented technology of a new generation of commercial vehicle efficient cooling system, and has set up a batch used in shan steam heavy card steyr, F3000, M3000 models, at the same time for the steam shan hua hin DE series models, shanxi universiade heavy card, tongli heavy steam off-highway truck, zte, off-highway truck, shaanxi express off-highway truck in bulk.
Under the trend of commercial vehicle lightweight, heat dissipation system adopts the traditional process, such as increasing core is high, the core and core thickness to increase the cooling performance have been unable to meet the demand of heat dissipation. Genesis HuaHeng company in order to solve the technical problem, investment more than 1500 ten thousand yuan to purchase high frequency pipe production line, the German has been successfully production 40 40 x2 x2 aluminum hourglass high frequency welded pipe, aluminum efficient hourglass high-frequency welded pipe, 52 x1. 8 aluminum efficient hourglass high-frequency welded pipe. Efficient hourglass high-frequency welded pipe surface design processing regular arrangement of bumps, cooling fluid (antifreeze) in the radiator pipe flow and circulation, can change the cooling fluid (antifreeze) path, make the velocity slowing, played a full heat dissipation effect, improving heat efficiency and heat dissipation ability, especially in car climbing at low speed, the effect is more obvious.
Three type of pipe production core body have access to the national utility model patents. On this basis, the genesis HuaHeng company investment more than 500 500 yuan, bought car radiator thermal performance test, vibration test rig, pressure pulse tester, torsional vibration resistance tester, standard 2 d image coordinate measuring instrument, radiator pipe pressure blasting machine, such as laboratory equipment, accumulated commercial vehicle radiator of experimental data, set up a database, to have a patent technology of a new generation of commercial vehicle efficient ventilation system, platform will provide steam steam heavy card, shanxi and shaanxi huashan manufacturers of high quality products, to provide quality services.




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